Think Selecting a New Shower Stall is Easy? Think Again. Use This Article to Help You Select a New Shower

Your shower is one of the most important aspects of your bathroom. Choosing the right type of shower from a quality brand will ensure you have the best showering experience every time. There are many things you should keep in mind; many go with what appeals to them aesthetically rather than thinking about its function. You may regret buying something impractical later on. Here are a couple of shower types to help you choose. 

A fixed shower has a fixed arm with a pivoting head either from the wall or ceiling.

An adjustable shower has movable arms, you have the flexibility to direct the spray.

Hand showers provide added functionality to a fixed wall option with the ability to remove the handpiece.

Showers on rails are convenient, adjustable height rail for ultimate control.

Rain showers give you the luxurious sensation of standing in a downpour. Ideal for a resort-style bathroom, and the key to ultimate relaxation. You can also customize your look by choosing your shower head and arm separately.

Shower systems offers both an overhead shower and a hand-held shower, giving you the best of both worlds. 
When you’re looking for a shower enclosure, the easiest decision to make is usually the shape of the shower. Unless you’re doing a complete renovation, it’s best to look at what types and shapes of enclosures will fit the existing shower layout in your bathroom. After deciding between the enclosure shapes that will fit your space, then take a look at shower door styles. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference for shower space, durability, and overall aesthetic. Below are the general door styles and shower enclosure shapes below to help you start this home improvement project.

Types of Showers

Sliding Door: Sliding door shower enclosures come in a variety of price ranges. Great for small spaces, a sliding door enclosure takes up the least amount of real estate in your bathroom. Look for door and full-length panel seals to make sure the shower is watertight where the door slides back.

Pivot Doors: Pivot doors, also referred to as swinging doors, open outward in one smooth motion. These are another great option for small spaces, and especially for a small shower entrance that isn’t wide enough to fit the panels of a sliding door. Because of the small hinges attached to the shower bottom and top, all-glass shower enclosures often feature pivot doors for a clean-lined, modern look.

Hinged Doors: Hinged doors are often used with neo-angle shower enclosures and can be installed to swing in or out. Unlike pivot doors, hinged doors have hinges on the side of the door panel. Look for hinged doors that have seal-through hinges for leak protection and all stainless steel parts for maximum durability. 

​Neo-Angle: Mostly used for corner stand-alone showers, neo-angle shower enclosures feature a swing hinged door and can be installed to open left or right. This type of enclosure is usually for corner shower locations. The neo-angle design also places the door in the center for easy entry into a smaller shower space.

Rectangle and Square: Rectangular shower enclosures are one of the most common shapes, and can offer a spacious amount of bathing room with a variety of door style options. Square enclosures, on the other hand, offer a clean-lined look for a smaller space or corner.

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  1. I am not a fan of angled showers. I think they look weird. I also don’t like sliding doors. I prefer ones that open. Sliding doors are more annoying to clean, I feel like.

  2. I think rain-showers are the ultimate shower experience. I wish I had one. Of course, you can buy a rain shower head at a home improvement store, but it’s not the same as having the top of the line rain shower. One day 🙁

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